Cart Dumping Methods

Multiple ways to dump your carts

CECOR Cart Dumping Methods

dumping carts from forklift

Dump cart from forklift

CECOR offers three types of dumping methods for chip carts and hoppers.

1. Rotational Dumping with CECOR Frame

Use frame to dump from forklift or hook hoist

2. Hydraulic Dumping

Adapt for use with hydraulic dumping system

3. Dump with rotating fork attachment

Fork pockets in base accommodate rotating fork attachment

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Rotational Dumping with CECOR Frame

Use CECOR dumping frame to dump from forklift or hook hoist

Standard CECOR dumping carts are fitted with trunnion pins for use with CECOR’s patented dumping frame, which allows for elevated, rotational dumping from a forklift or overhead hoist. Mult-positiondump settings control container dumping speed for easy, safe and thorough emptying.

dumping carts with optional frame


The cart latches securely to the dumping frame, which is secured to a forklift or hook hoist.

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Spring-loaded trigger operates directly or with lanyard-pull remote for dumping. Release of trigger overturns cart, which rotates 360 degrees. The empty cart returns to an upright position for return to the ground.

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CECOR dumping frame can also be used to dump cart from a hook hoist. The trunnion pins adjust to accommodate different loads from light-and-bulky to dense-and-heavy.

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Questions about the dumping frame?  Call us at 1-800-356-9042 and we can help.

Hydraulic Dumping

Some cart models can be fitted with t-rail cleats for use with hydraulic dumping systems. The t-rail cleat engages the cart from the bottom for quick, complete and safe emptying.  Some CECOR carts (WB) can be equipped with both trunnion pins and T-Rail cleats.

hydraulic dumping carts


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GB – Fork Pockets for Rotating Fork Attachment

Some carts can be fitted with fork pockets for use with a rotating fork attachment.

Fork pockets engage the forklift tines and cart is emptied as tines rotate.

fork pockets for dumping carts from forklift

Rotating Fork Attachment dumps CECOR cart

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