Dumping Tilt Truck Carts


Collect, Haul and Dump

Dumping tilt truck carts are designed for collecting, hauling and dumping of light-density loads. Assorted dimensions to meet different needs. Capacities range from 8-40 cubic feet with load ratings from 360 – 850 lbs. Ergonomic two-stage dumping with reinforced dumping knees allows for complete, controlled, safe emptying floor or dock level.

  • Rugged, all-metal construction with fully welded, leak proof seams.
  • Reinforced dumping knees for emptying at floor or dock level.
  • Carts maneuver easily and roll smoothly, even when fully loaded.

Dumping Tilt Truck Carts light-density series includes:

  • 048 Series
  • 318 Series
  • 327 Series
  • 340 Series