Metal working fluid saves you money

Apr 30, 2019
Metal working fluid saves you money

Greetings from friendly Belleville, Wisconsin! My name is Jeff Urso, and I’m president and owner of CECOR, a manufacturer of sump cleaners, industrial carts, dispensers and containers. Our company, which was founded 64 years ago, has achieved success as a result of our hard-working and dedicated staff and their steadfast commitment to always listen to our customers and to others in the metal working industry.

This tradition of listening – and learning – has helped CECOR develop better products, adapt to changes in our industry, and provide valuable news and information to help our customers save time, reduce costs and keep the industrial workplace cleaner, safer and more efficient.

The focus of this series of blogs

We’ll publish a new blog three times a month on our website at The blogs will also become a regular part of our CECOR Newsletter that we mail once a month to our customers and friends around the country. The blogs will cover a wide variety of topics, all of which we hope will prove valuable to you and your company.

This series of blogs is based on industry observations and the result of visiting with people in the metal working industry and Metal Working Fluid manufacturers. While I don’t pretend to be an authority on your MWF operation, I do understand people and process. Much of the focus of the CECOR blogs will be about how people and process can save your company money.

At times, the old adage, “you need to spend money to make money” will apply here. With investing in your business we hope to also demonstrate ideas for you to minimize risk and maximize return. One of these investment opportunities is putting together a Metal Working Fluids (MWF) housekeeping program.

The Value

The value of well defined MWF housekeeping program should have a return of decreasing your production costs. A few of the potential production cost reduction opportunities considered here are:
1. Extending the quality life of MWF
2. Adding to tool life
3. Less rejects or rework
4. Limiting unplanned down time
5. Expanding recycling options
6. Warn you about potential problems with your MWF before they become critical

When it comes to sharing ways to help you improve your operation, MWF housekeeping program is just one of several ideas we plan to share with you in upcoming weeks in the CECOR blog.


In next week’s blog, we’ll visit about “Value of metal Working fluid housekeeping”.

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CECOR Sump Sharks are designed from the ground up to help pick up sludge, filter your metal working fluid and allow you to reuse or port your fluid to a recycling area or waste. The sump shark can maneuver in tight spots and has the power to make a dirty job easy.

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