CECOR Dump Carts

Mar 22, 2018
CECOR Dump Carts

The effective movement and management of materials are crucial, and dump carts are essential in this process. The CB6 walk/ride transport base significantly enhances the utility of dump carts, particularly in transporting materials for tasks like coolant reclamation.

Improved Mobility for Dump Carts

The CB6’s battery-powered pallet mover is a key innovation for efficiently transporting dump carts across extensive areas in manufacturing plants. This feature ensures smooth, uninterrupted movement, essential in large-scale industrial facilities.

Maneuverability in Confined Spaces

Designed for complex layouts, the CB6 enables easy maneuvering of dump carts through narrow aisles and tight corners. This capability is crucial in space-constrained environments, allowing dump carts to access all necessary areas for effective waste management and material transport.

Versatile Operation Modes

Offering both walk and ride options, the CB6 provides flexibility in operation. Operators can either walk behind for precise positioning of dump carts or use the ride function for faster movement, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Advanced Technical Features

Operating on a 24-volt battery, the CB6 includes essential features like a battery discharge indicator and an automatic charger. Its advanced speed controller with adjustable settings ensures safe and efficient handling of dump carts.

Tailored Industrial Solutions

Recognizing the diverse needs of different industrial environments, we offer consultations to customize the CB6 system for specific applications, ensuring optimal use of dump carts in your facility.

For detailed information on how the CB6 walk/ride transport base can improve the functionality of dump carts in your coolant reclamation and other material handling processes, contact us at 1-800-356-9042. Our team is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and safety of your industrial operations through innovative solutions.

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