CECOR System Improves Productivity

Jan 28, 2022
CECOR System Improves Productivity

Metalworking industry operations are very diverse, but many manufacturers share common pain points affecting profitability. CECOR has developed an innovative system of products that target a few common issues getting in the way of your business growth.

Cutting Fluid Connects Everything

CECOR’s FluidHealth360 App is in beta testing. This App simplifies fluid management & maintenance.
The following illustration shows how CECOR’s Fluid Health 360 app streamlines data logging and reporting:
Accurate monitoring and analysis of metalworking fluid usage is imperative to optimize overall production process performance. Our mobile app lets you ditch the handwritten logs and tedious spreadsheets for one convenient, centralized tool.

With Fluid Health 360 you can easily record or find:

  • • Type of fluid used in each machine
  • • When the machine was last serviced (and who serviced it)
  • • Fluid usage of each machine
  • • Schedule a task to be completed
  • • Inform management when task results are out of spec
  • • History of each task performed on each machine.

Flow chart of App data from CNC machine to reporting

Because the data storage is cloud based, you can access it from anywhere and export it for reporting. There’s no limit to the number of machines you can monitor, and the user interface is simple and intuitive.
Download a PDF of FluidHealth360 about page

How Better Fluid Data Drives Performance

The data points produced by a machine’s cutting fluid measurements provide valuable context so you can determine the best next step for the coolant. If a problem arises, data analysis lets you better diagnose the problem and take preventive measures.

A real-world example:

There’s a rotten odor in the shop. You find the machine creating the odor, check the concentration level and see the coolant is at the expected 7% solution. As you review the machine’s coolant history, you see the coolant concentration was at 4% for a full week last month before returning to the expected 7%.

The bacteria growth started when the coolant was at 4% a month earlier, but only became a noticeable odor problem today. The historical coolant data shows you the cause and solution for the problem. Without that data you’d only be guessing at the cause of the bacteria growth.

The Fluid Health 360 app can send management and/or the person responsible automated emails when the coolant is not within specified ranges. This notification can be real time or at the end of a shift. Correcting the concentration immediately reduces the chance of bacterial growth and can extend the life of the coolant.

Advantages of the CECOR System

The following illustration shows how the CECOR system can give you more control of your metalworking fluids:

CECOR equipment to help keep your fluid healthy

Keeping sump fluid healthy is a critical part of controlling costs. Metalworking fluid management (or mismanagement) affects tool life, part marring, cutting speed, machine uptime, environment and worker health. Optimize your flow by using the right tool for each job:

Task: Sludge removal tools
Tool: CECOR Sump Shark sump cleaners
  • • The most powerful coolant vacuums on the market
  • • 8 times faster than the manual sump cleaning
  • • Ability to easily filter & transport industrial fluid and heavy sludge
  • • 13 to 26 Hg of mercury suction (depending on power source)
  • • Four power options
  • • Lower cost and quicker delivery than comparable products

60 Electric powered sump cleaner with tools and filter media

Tool Group

Tools for cleaning sump cleaner & spills.

Task: Chip removal
Tool: CECOR industrial dumping carts
  • • Low cost of ownership
  • • Easy to maneuver, even when full
  • • Designed with multiple dumping options (rotational, hydraulic, forklift)
  • • Our carts do not leak, keeping your shop cleaner
  • • Various sizes & heights to fit your machine’s chip conveyor
  • • Small footprint with low/high profile & 850-1500lb capacities
  • • Dumping carts have a drain plug to reduce the amount of coolant in chip dumpster

CECOR equipment to help keep your fluid healthy

Tools to level chips in a dumping cart.

Task: Daily/weekly coolant reservoir refills
Tool: CECOR 65-gal or 110-gal dispensers plus the SmartLid System
  • • SmartLid with auto-shutoff connects via Bluetooth to fluid source to fill a CECOR dispenser.
  • • Easy to set up, easy to use – no need for supervision, and eliminate spills at mixing station
  • • Camlock fitting for easy hose connection
  • • Auto-fill bypass for a quick 5 gallons anytime
  • • Increase productivity time with less reasons to leave your machining center
  • • Fill coolant reservoir with the correct concentration every time.
MWF Dispenser

Dispenser works with metalworking fluid and more

SmartLid with bluetooth

Bluetooth SmartLid connects to a pressurized fluid source

Cutting fluid quality control is an important part of the CECOR advantage!

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