Central Fluid Dispensing

Jul 22, 2019

Many metal manufacturers using water-based coolant have experience with keeping the volume of fluid at the right level. The two primary losses of coolant volume are through coolant carried out with chips and evaporation. Cecor has worked with manufacturers that have centralized systems to shops that have a machinist filling a bucket to top-off their machine tool sumps daily. A more recent trend has been to centralize dispensing by using a 100 gallon or more dispenser for topping off or refreshing all machine tool coolant tanks in a morning or afternoon route. These companies say this has allowed for a lower labor cost for refilling coolant tanks and helped increase productivity because the machinist can attend to the needs of their machining center.
Water quality and volume of the fluid in the coolant tank are important but if the goal is to further maximize your coolant investment, there is much more to the equation.

110 gallon gravity fluid dispenser

Fluid dispenser

CECOR has electric, air or gravity powered fluid dispensers for all types of metal working fluid.

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