Compare CECOR Sump Shark to Freddy CHU

Apr 29, 2021

A high end sump cleaner has a minimum of 13″ hg and filtering capabilities. A sump cleaner is the right tool to clean and separate metalworking sludge from metalworking fluid at a high rate of speed. High suction lift & efficient filtering are keys to getting the job done right & quickly.

See the chart below to compare the CECOR Sump Shark SE15-60PL-D to the Freddy CHU.

# Company
CECOR Sump Shark
01 Pump in/out capable:
02 Tank size (Gallons):
03 Suction Lift:
13″ hg
Not advertised
04 Filter out sludge:
04A Suction Filter:
(Qty 1) 1.0 or 2.3 cu ft
(Qty 2) 1.3 cu ft
04B Discharge Filter Option:
65 cu in
05 Suction Hose (STD):
1-1/2″ ID
2″ ID
05A Suction Hose Option:
2″ ID
1-1/4″ ID
06 Suction Hose (1-1/2″ ID):
60 GPM
07 Suction Hose (2″ ID):
110 GPM
63 GPM
08 Discharge Rate:
60 GPM
24 GPM
09 Front Wheels:
(Qty 1) 6″ Dia
(Qty 2) 5″ Dia
10 Back Wheels:
(Qty 2) 8″ Dia
(Qty 2) 5″ Dia
11 Suction Pump:
Vacuum Motor
Vacuum Motor
12 Discharge Pump:
Same pump as suction
13 Clean-Out Door:
8″ x 10″
9″ Dia


CECOR Sump Shark Freddy CHU
The Sump Shark is efficient at both deep and quick clean operations on a CNC sump. Both types of cleaning require substantial suction lift.

  1. A deep clean consists of removing all of the metalworking fluid & sludge from a sump while filtering 80 to 90% of the sludge from metalworking fluid. If you add the discharge filter you can filter down to 10 microns.
  2. A quick clean consists of removing some of the fluid & sludge through existing access holes in the sump cover.

The frequency of either the deep or quick clean is directly related to the operation the CNC machine performs and the amount of sludge & chips create by the operation. The Sump Shark can dispense filtered fluid back into the sump at the same rate it removes the sludge & metalworking fluid.

The advertised process for the Freddy CHU machine is to put the suction hose & dispensing hose into the sump, turn the machine on and let it do its work. Without an operator to manually move the suction hose around the sump to areas with sludge, you will only be able to clean the area where the suction hose is placed. The Freddy advertises 63 GPM suction and 24 GPM dispensing rates. The suction/dispensing will be limited to the slowest rate (24 GPM). The reason for this is the machine cannot remove fluid at 63 gpm and return it at 24 gpm without eventually running the sump dry. Since the suction lift is not advertised, we cannot determine if the machine can lift heavy sludge located in the bottom of most sumps.


Tank sizes are similar. The CECOR model holds 8 more gallons then the Freddy.


This Sump Shark is the highest rated suction lift of any single phase electric sump cleaner in the industry.


The SE15-60PL-D Sump Shark comes with 2 suction filter options and 1 discharge filter option (#04B). The suction filter options are 1 cu ft (F10) & 2.3 cu ft (F23). Most customer use the F10 option because you can quickly remove & dump with one person. The CECOR filter access is about 46″ off the ground.
The Freddy has a (2) 1.3 cu ft filter baskets on a single unit. The top basket collects larger material and the lower basket will collect finer sludge. Access to the Freddy filter area is approximately 63″ off the ground.

#05 – #07

CECOR has a standard 1-1/2″ hose (60 gpm) with an option to use a 2″ hose (100 gpm). The Freddy has a 2″ hose (63 gpm) with an option for a 1-1/4″ hose (speed not stated in Freddy literature).


The CECOR discharge rate is 60 gpm versus the Freddy’s 24 gpm.

#09 – #10

The CECOR has larger wheels for easier movement throughout the shop.


Both use a vacuum pump. The Freddy does not give any specs on their pump to determine suction lift or nozzle velocity.


CECOR only has 1 pump for both the suction & discharge features. The pump moves air to create a vacuum (suction) or pressure (discharge) in the tank. With a CECOR sump cleaner, fluid never flows through the pump.
The Freddy units vacuum pump creates a vacuum in the tank and the submerged pump, or centrifugal pump, is located in the tank and dirty metalworking fluid goes through it.


The Freddy cleanout door is round and CECOR’s is rectangular.


60 Gallon Electric Sump Cleaner

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