Dispensers for CNC machines

Dispensing equipment

Dispensers for CNC machines make metalworking fluid mobile. CECOR manufactures both a gravity & an air powered metalworking fluid dispenser. Currently we have a 65 & 110-gallon option for transporting either new or recycled metalworking fluid through out your shop. An industrial strength base is a standard for all CECOR products and that includes our dispenser line. Multiple dispensers strategically located throughout your shop can give the CNC operated easily accessible metalworking fluid when it is time to either top off or refill a sump. Just roll the dispenser to the CNC dispense the fluid and move on to the next CNC. Improve the productivity of CNC machines by keeping the metalwork fluid healthy.

Quality, Durable Worksmanship

We only use high-quality components – and our products are proudly made in the USA.