Coolant Dispenser / Coolant Mixer Systems for CNC Machines

Easily top off metalworking fluid

Mixers, Smart Lids & Dispensers

CECOR coolant dispensers, coolant mixers and auto shutoff technology make keeping CNC machines topped off easier than ever. Just set the concentration, start filling the coolant dispenser and walk away. CECOR manufactures electric, gravity & air powered mobile metalworking fluid dispensers. Currently we have a 65, 100, 150 & 200-gallon option for transporting either new or recycled metalworking fluid throughout your shop. CECOR equipment is manufactured with an industrial strength base and is a standard feature for all CECOR products. CECOR’s metalworking fluid dispenser system includes the following optional equipment:

  • Mixing system based on a DosaTron mixer – other mixers could be used
  • SmartLid to automatically stop the flow of fluid when a coolant dispenser is filled
  • A range of coolant dispenser sizes from 65 to 200-gallons
  • Multiple power options including gravity, electric or air powered

Improve the productivity of CNC machines by keeping the sump full and the metalworking fluid healthy.

Quality, Durable Worksmanship

We only use high-quality components – and our products are proudly made in the USA.