Dumping Cart Series Options

The following options can added to most CECOR dumping carts and tilt trucks. These options can make handling messy loads such as oily chips, scraps and waste easier. All options may not be available on every cart and truck.

Tilt dumping trucks give you controllable dumping at the floor or dock level.
Heavy duty dumping cart series options are available on most dumping carts.

Three tilt trucks showing controlled positions for dumping

Variety of heavy duty dumping chip carts

Drain Plug – 3/4″ drain plug prevents fluids from escaping until ready to drain by removing the plug. Loop handle design makes tightening easy.
Hinged drain cover – Drain screen located inside of the cart prevents chips and other larger particles from clogging the drain hold. Space saving design allows more room for materials. Screen lifts up so cart can be cleaned easily. (Not available on L43 and L44 series dumping carts.)

Cart or truck hinged drain cover

Four-wheel casters – For an additional transport and dumping option. (Not available on 342 series or Tilt Truck series dumping carts.)

Swivel caster for carts

Fork Pockets – For an additional transport and dumping option. (Not available on all models.) Inquire for more information.

Fork pockets in base of cart

Special Options – There are special options available to customize CECOR carts to meet specific needs. Please note that special options may require modifications to the standard carts. Not all options are available for all carts. Please contact us at your convenience using the convenient contact form, our email address and/or the phone number below to visit about your customization needs. Here are some examples of special options we are setup to do today:

Tow Links

Tow link option

Extended caster wheel legs

Risers to raise cart height

Drain hose

Drain hose on cart

Drain rack and plug

Rack in bottom of cart

Custom bin dimensions and wheel configurations

Special sized cart

And much more

Let us know about your customization ideas

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