Sump Cleaner History

A look back...

Sump Cleaner History

During World War II, industry was pressed to perform incredible feats of production to support the war effort. In the midst of this challenging environment, the first “sump cleaners” were ingeniously developed to streamline the essential task of purging waste coolant from machine tool sumps. Efficiency was paramount during those wartime years, and keeping machines operational ranked among the highest priorities.

Picture the scene in the 1940s – cleaning a sump entailed laboriously scooping out the waste coolant and debris with a bucket and shovel. It was a messy and time-consuming affair, causing significant downtime in production. However, the advent of the sump cleaner changed the game entirely.

With a sump cleaner in place, the arduous chore of manually cleaning sumps was transformed into a matter of minutes. This innovative equipment employed vacuum technology to swiftly suction dirty coolant and chips, depositing them into a wheeled tank. Gone were the days of labor-intensive cleanup, replaced by a clean and efficient process. Gallons of waste coolant could now be efficiently pumped and transported without the usual mess and disruption.

The rudimentary sump cleaner of the past has since evolved into CECOR’s comprehensive range of high-performance sump cleaning equipment and industrial carts. These cutting-edge products cater to a diverse array of industries, from expansive manufacturing plants to small, family-run machine shops. CECOR not only facilitates the smooth operation of machines but also contributes to environmental preservation by making it easier to manage waste fluids.

In summary, the innovation of sump cleaners during World War II not only exemplified the spirit of efficiency and adaptability in times of crisis but also laid the foundation for modern sump cleaning equipment. CECOR’s commitment to providing top-tier solutions continues to benefit industries large and small, all while contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.