Housekeeping: Expense or Investment

May 14, 2019
Housekeeping: Expense or Investment

In our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of a good MWF housekeeping program and have suggested several times that poor quality MWF can cause many potential machine tool problems that prove costly to your company’s operations and bottom line.

This week, we continue to emphasize the importance of testing water-based Metal Working Fluid (MWF). But first, a story.

When we were growing up, we changed the oil in our vehicles every 3,000 miles. We did this because we knew the vehicle would perform better and last longer. We viewed the money we paid for lube-oil-filter not as expense, but as an investment. We knew several people who leased cars for two years and decided they did not need to change the oil because, for them, the car only needed to last until the lease ended and they turned the vehicle in for another new vehicle.

So which one is your company? Are you a company that views the money spent on your MWF as an expense or as an investment? Do you delay spending money on MWF and other maintenance and simply wait and hope for the best? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

Maintenance is an Investment

If your company’s view of maintenance is an investment and not simply an expense, you have lots of options to help you maximize that investment. For starters, we suggest you visit with your MWF Manufacturers Rep or the MWF manufacturer and ask about what tests might work best for you. Keeping your MWF within the manufacturer’s recommended parameters can be an important part of those preventive maintenance processes.


We like to remind our customers that, like the CNC machine tool itself, Metal Working Fluid (MWF) is much more than just a fluid, it’s a tool. In this case, when your machine tool is down, more than likely, it becomes an emergency and you are forced to fix it right away. And that can be costly. And that’s why many companies put preventive maintenance and housekeeping processes in place to reduce the risk of the same machine tool problem occurring again. It’s the one product in your facility that touches every part, machine, and operator.

Simple MWF Tests

We recently had an interesting conversation with a MWF manufacturer in which he estimated that 80 percent of the issues with water-based metal working fluids are initiated by the MWF being outside of these manufacturers recommended parameters:

  • Concentration & pH Control
  • Removal of tramp oils
  • Improper or infrequent machine cleanings
  • Volume of fluid in machine coolant tank

Keep that in mind as you embark on your journey to build a strong MWF housekeeping program.


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