How to cut coolant cost

Jan 23, 2021
How to cut coolant cost
Dirty Coolant Tank from thread rolling

DIY ideas on how to cut coolant cost in a machining operation that are easy to follow and inexpensive to complete. By keeping coolant cleaner and using it longer, you will dispose of less coolant year over year. The right preventive maintenance measures go a long way towards increasing the life of your coolant. Good for your budget & good for the environment.

Sump Cleaner SOPs make training faster, better & safer

Using a high powered Sump Shark sump cleaner with an on-board filter is a start!

Full sump filter basket

Sludge pulled from thread rolling sump with a Sump Shark

  • Filter chips and swarf from coolant: As coolant & sludge are vacuumed into a Sump Shark, at up to 110 gpm, it passes through a reusable filter media and basket where 80 to 90% of solids can be removed.
  • Sump Shark’s high dispensing rate: You can immediately dispense the filtered coolant back into the sump and be online producing parts within minutes.
  • Tamp oil in your coolant: The Sump Shark makes your coolant portable. After filtering the coolant, you can port it to a centralized coalescer, dispense the coolant into the coalescer at up to 110 gpm and let the coalescer go to work. When the coalescer is finished doing its job, you can use a dispenser to deliver the refreshed coolant to the machine tools.
  • Keep coolant working effectively – Excessive solids at the bottom of a sump can cause the sump to appear full when the volume of coolant in the sump is actually less. When the coolant volume is reduced, so is the time allowed for the coolant to cool after being sprayed on a part. Without enough time for the coolant to cool, you will raise the temperature of the coolant at the cutting surface.
  • Keeping your added ingredients effective: Ingredients added to the coolant (rust inhibitors, fungicides, biocides, wetting agents, etc.) may be absorbed by the solids and render the additives less effective.

Threading sump tank

Sump Shark cleaned thread rolling sump

There are multiple advantages to keeping your coolant and coolant tank cleaner:

  • 1. Reducing the risk for bacteria growth.
  • 2. Reducing the risk of coolant temperature rising at the cutting surface.
  • 3. Reducing the risk of maring parts
  • 4. Reducing the possibility of the coolant going rancid.

Overall you have the advantages listed above which will reduce your risk for downtime due to a variety of coolant issues. An added benefit will be an increase in your tool life. With a Sump Shark sump cleaner, you will be able to clean a sump faster, smarter & safer. Do you want to see how much you can save by using a Sump Shark to filter your coolant, download the ROI calculator and see the pay back now.

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