Dumping Frame – 54 series carts

Dumping Frame – 54 series carts

Rotational Dumping Frame Industrial Carts & Containers

Built in the USA Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Dumping Frame for 54 series carts allows you to pick the cart up and dump it from a forklift or hook hoist. Rotational dumping allows the cart to dump smarter, faster & safer. Rotational dumping uses this dumping frame and either your forklift or overhead crane to dump the cart. A single dumping frame can dump all 254 series carts. Easy to attach, dump and store away.

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Full Specs

Model Number: DF-1054
Load Rating: 1200 lbs
Use with Series: 254
Dumping Types: Fork lift or hook hoist
Dimensions: 48" L x 8" W x 36" H
Shipping Weight: 145 lbs

dumping cart

Dump cart with frame

Fast hook-up of dumping frame permits use of forklift or hook hoist to raise load to dumping level. Empty with a slow, manually controlled pour or a fast, remote-release, roll over dump. Carts can rotate through a full 360 degree circle and relatch in upright position.


See cart dumped from forklift.

See cart dumped from hook hoist.

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Dumping Frame – 54 series carts

Dumping Frame – 54 series carts

Rotational Dumping Frame