Extra-Low Profile Cart makes chip handling easy

Oct 23, 2017
Extra-Low Profile Cart makes chip handling easy
DB-L43-4P low-profile cart


Due to the nature of swiss machining, long stringy chips are formed during turning and are a disposal problem. “The low chip pan on the swiss and our old way of scraping chips into a plastic tub to carry to the chip spinner created a safety issue for our machinist.” said Brad Price, Machine and Tooling Supervisor at McFarlane Aviation. Cuts from the sharp stringy chips and oil on the floor was a combination for a potential accident.

The solution?  An extra-low profile CECOR chip cart. With a lip height of only 12 inches and an overall height of only 15″, the DB-L43-4P fit easily under the low chip pan.  Now the machinist can wheel the chips to the spinner without dripping oil on the floor. “CECOR carts are great. They keep our floors clean and oil free – our machinists want more.” added Brad.

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