The need for fluid management

Aug 8, 2019

Needing fluid management

In 1992, Bill Shaver decided to explore the viability of a fluid management business that recycled industrial coolants and cleaned machines and machine shops. He reached out to his brother, a tool-and-die maker at the time, who confirmed Shaver’s notion that there was a need out there that was not being met.
“We started researching this, contacting different manufacturers of equipment and different coolant manufacturers and we found that there was a need. And we put together a bit of a marketing program where we called up prospective clients and asked if they would be receptive to someone who did this and we received reasonably good feedback.
“And that’s how we started.” Nearly 27 years later, Shaver’s company – Fluid Management Inc. – has offices in Minneapolis and Greenville, South Carolina and the company is recognized as a leader in the industry.

Having the right tools

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