Oh The Places You Will Go : Choosing the Right Sump Cleaner Transport Method

Sep 24, 2020

There are multiple methods available for transporting your CECOR sump cleaner:

  • Manual push
  • Tow behind a fork truck or other device
  • Lift with a fork truck or other device
  • Attach to a walk/ride pallet jack
  • Attach to a trailer
  • Attach to a burden carrier

Choosing the right sump cleaner transport method for you can greatly add to your sump cleaner’s effectiveness in your shop. The right transport has the power to limit footprint, limit human effort, and/or save you time. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a method to transport your sump cleaner:

  • Weight of sump cleaner when full
  • Type of wheels and/or tread on sump cleaners
  • Oily or otherwise slippery floors in the shop
  • Ramps, slopes, and aisle width in plant

The advantages of this method include a smaller footprint, a low cost, and no additional equipment needed for transport. While this may sound enticing, it is important to remember the weight that will have to be pushed from point A to point B. Water weighs approximately 8.34 pounds per gallon. It is our opinion that an average person can push a quality-built sump cleaner with 200-gallons of metalworking fluid across a flat, smooth non-slippery production floor. The right wheels and tread will make pushing the sump cleaner through a shop easier. While it may take a little effort to get a full sump cleaner moving down an aisle, with proper wheels and tread, pushing will be made easier.

This may be the right sump cleaner transport method when looking to take the human effort out of the equation. While this method can handle more weight than manually pushing, you must ensure that you have a tugger that can handle the load. It is also important to keep in mind that this sump cleaner transport method tends to take up more floor space than some of the alternative transports.

The lift and carry systems are very useful when navigating around obstacles and when looking to reduce footprint. The device can lift and carry the sump cleaner over most things in its way. When choosing this method, it is important to make sure your lifting device can handle the weight when the sump cleaner is full. You need to consider the potential for the liquid shifting in the tank when being carried. Be sure your sump cleaner has two encapsulated fork pockets for safety. This will give the lifting device a more stable load.

In an ever-changing environment, it is best to have as many potential options for transport as possible. With CECOR’s new PTL transport there is no selection necessary. The 90 to 200-gallon sump cleaners are equipped with all three methods of transport on one chassis.

  • (P)ush
  • (T)ow
  • (L)ift
Transports included


Along with CECOR’s Sump Shark PTL Transport, we have also installed the Sump Shark on walk/ride units, trailers, and burden carriers. Please send us an email or give us a call at 608-845-6771 x2 to visit about your sump cleaning transport needs.

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