Preparing For the Unknown: Maintaining our shop during COVID-19

Sep 9, 2020

To say that we are living in unprecedented times would be an understatement. We believe preparation is necessary with each day bringing more news of uncertainty than the last. At the same time, it can be difficult to know what to prepare for. At CECOR, we are taking simple measures to ensure that our shop stays safe. Here is what we have been up to:


-We ask that all employees take personal responsibility and stay home if they have a fever or any flu-like symptoms.

-We created “Sanitization Stations” in our shop. These stations are easily accessible to our staff. While we have opted for a standing sanitizer dispenser, a makeshift station with a table and a few bottles of hand sanitizer is another great alternative.


-Preparation does not have to be complex. We have opted for simple actions such as wiping down surfaces and keeping spaces clean and organized. By having a clean and tidy workplace, our staff can focus on their work rather than worry about a potential virus threat.

-We have also installed air purifiers to better circulate the air and filter out harmful particulates.


-Industry professionals we have spoken with have recommended that companies clean and maintain machinery on an on-going basis because reducing the opportunity for bacterial growth is important.

-Our staff has listened to the professionals and taken the time to clean even the hard to get to areas of the shop.

-If you do need to shut down one or more machines, the professionals recommend you remove the tramp oil and filter out sludge from your coolant at shut downtime. This will reduce the food source that is necessary for bacteria to survive.

-They also recommend verifying the coolant concentration level is within the manufacturer’s recommended range.

-Have someone run the machine pumps to circulate the coolant a couple of times per week. This will aerate the coolant and help stop the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

By following these simple steps, we are confident in our ability to get production up and running quickly if an emergency arises that forces a shutdown of machines or a reduction in staff. These steps help us know that our machines are ready to go to work when the emergency is over. Cultivating an environment of trust and safety has been a part of our company’s fabric from the very beginning. While no one can be completely prepared for the unknown, we believe we have mitigated the risks with our internal preparation. CECOR staff believes we are safe while at work and that our shop is prepared for whatever comes our way.

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