Auto Fill Smart Lid

CECOR SmartLid portion of the auto fill system connects to the receiving container while it is being filled with fluid. It connects via blue tooth to the WALLi and has an attached float to automatically shut-off a pressurized flow of fluid when the receiving container is filled to a predetermined level.

  • No installation necessary
  • Flow stops immediately if float becomes disconnected
  • Unlimited SMART LIDs per WALLi
  • One SMART LID or Float can be connected at a time
  • Battery can be recharged quickly

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Full Specs

Wireless Range: 30 FT line of sight 30 FT line of sight
Max flow rate: Cv 7.6 (APPRX 58 GPM @ 60 PSI)
Max pressure: 115 PSI
Max Temperature range: 15 to 150 degrees F
Power requirements: 12 VDC 24W
Connections: 3/4" NPT
Dimensions: 9”h X 9”w X 6.5”d

CECOR Auto Fill Smart Lid works in conjunction with the WALLi auto fill system. It monitors the level of fluid in the poly tank. The Smart Lid has a quick attach hose connection to easily connect to the WALLi. It is a battery powered control box and float system.

SmartLid with bluetooth

Bluetooth SmartLid connects to WALLi

The SmartLid works with the CECOR DX-110 and/or the new DA3-65PL-V. The WALLI can also work with other poly tanks with the same lid.
DX-110PL poly tank dispenser

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Auto Fill Smart Lid