Drum tank 55 gallons

Reduce the labor associated with 55-gallon drums by using a TX-55PL from CECOR:

This mobile 55-gallon drum unit also works well with drum-top sump cleaners for sucking out the sludge and metalworking fluid from a sump. See related products below for drum top options.


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Full Specs

Size 55 gallon drum
Attributes 2 swivel & 2 rigid casters
Push handle
Fork pockets
Clean-out door Drain port

55 gallon drum tank (TX-55PL) is easy to push or transport with forklift.

55-gallon drum tank with fork pockets and wheels

TX-55PL includes clean out door, drain valve and fork pockets.

CECOR’s heavy duty 55-gallon drum tank, made of heavy gauge steel, is stronger than standard 55-gallon drums. Tank is mounted on four casters, two rigid and 2 swivel, for easy rolling and maneuverability. It is manufactured in the USA with no leak seams so it keeps the mess inside the drum where it belongs. Fork pockets built into the base provide easy handling by a fork truck. The tank features an 8″ x 10″ clean out door for removing settled solids. 1-1/2″ valve in door permits fluid to drain out, leaving the solids behind for easier collection and disposal.

The clean-out door & drain port makes for easy clean up.

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Drum tank 55 gallons