Drum Top Sump Cleaner Air Operated SA5-DT

Air powered drum top sump sucker

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Full Specs

Series: SA5
Tank Size: Optional TX-55 drum
Standard transport: N/A
Pump: Air-operated venturi
Min. Air Requirements: 1/2" air service with line pressure of 75 to 120 PSI
Suction lift: Up to 26" Hg (Mercury)
Standard filter basket: N/A
Hose: 1-1/2" ID x 10' oil resistant PVC suction hose including quick-disconnect coupler.
Tools: Three suction tools (1) straight, (1) flexible and (1) flared nozzle
Dimensions: 28" L x 25" W x 18" H
Shipping weight: 80 lbs

CECOR’s Drum Top Sump Sucker – Air Operated SA5-DT is for companies on a tight budget that want a sump sucker powerful enough to remove metal working fluid and sludge from their sump or coolant tank. This unit has suction lift of up to 26″ hg (Mercury) or 350″ of water. This drum top has overflow protection and comes with a 20′ oil resistant 1/2″ air hose.

This drum top unit needs to be matched with a 55 gallon drum (not included). CECOR manufactures a high quality drum – TX-55PL that does not leak. The SA5-DT drum top sump sucker is many companies first choice for removing sludge and metalworking fluid from a machine tool coolant tank.

  • air powered drum vacuum
  • Sets on top of standard open ended 55 gallon drums
  • Comes complete with hoses and suction tools

If your goal is to step into the sump cleaning lightly to remove the grueling pail-n-shovel then this is an excellent option. You should consider including our 55 gallon drum tank (TX-55PL) to make this air operated drum top sump sucker mobile.

  • Convert most any 55-gallon drum tank into an economical sump sucker with a CECOR drum top.
  • Power the drum top units by air.
  • Sets on top of standard open ended 55 gallon drums or CECOR TX-55PL. Drum tops can easily be lifted and moved from one drum tank to another.
  • Collect spent coolant from machine tool sumps using high-suction lift. (See our Sump Shark sump cleaner product line for pump out and filter capabilities.)
  • Ideal for removal of solids entrenched in fluids such as those found in machine tool sumps.


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Drum Top Sump Cleaner Air Operated SA5-DT