Dumping frame 54 series

Dumping Frame for 43 series carts has the ability to be used with a forklift or hook hoist. The DF-1043 frame turns your 43 series carts into dumping hoppers. One DF-1043 can dump all of your 43 series carts. Easy attach, dump and store.
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Elevated dumping frame for CECOR series 54 carts. (DA-254 carts)

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Full Specs

Model Number: DF-1043
Load Rating: 2050 lbs
Dimensions: 32" L x 10" W x 26" D
Use with Cart Series: L43, 043, 243
Dumping Types: Fork lift or hook hoist
Shipping Weight: 105 lbs

Dumping chip hopper

Dump cart from forklift

The DF-1043 dumping frame works with series 043, 243 & L43 cart. You need only one dumping frame for multiple carts.


Watch cart dump using CECOR dumping frame.