Dumping frame 56 series

Dumping frame - 56 series carts turns a heavy duty cart into dump hopper. Use DF-1056 to dump large series 256 hopper from fork lift or hook hoist. Dumping frame allows fast dump or controlled pour. Dumping frame latches to trunnion pins permitting a full 360 degree rotation for complete emptying. Easy attach, dump and store.
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Elevated dumping frame for CECOR series 56 carts. (DB-256 carts)

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Full Specs

Model Number: DB-1056
Load Rating: 2200 lbs
Use with Series: 256
Dumping Types: Fork lift or hoist
Dimensions: 48 L x 36" W x 30 D
Shipping Weight: 185 lbs

dump hopper

Dumps easily from forklift

Dumping is fast, safe and thorough using CECOR companion dumping frame. Frame latches securely to cart trunnion pins. At dumping height a trigger release unloads the cart in a fast dump or slow pour. Cart relatches in upright position after rotating 360 degrees.