Dumping frame

A single dumping frame can be used on all of the carts in the series. One dumping frame works with many carts:

  • DF-1042 – 42 Series – 342 cart
  • DF-1043 – 43 Series – L43, O43 & 243 carts
  • DF-1044 – 44 Series – L44, O44, X44 & 244 carts
  • DF-1054 – 54 Series – 254 cart
  • DF-1056 – 56 Series – 256 cart


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Dumping options for CECOR industrial carts?

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Dumping frame quickly attaches to a forklift or hook hoist.

dumping industrial carts

Dump frame with cart and forklift

The hook hoist or forklift can be used to pick up the cart by its trunnion pins. Each DB series cart is equipped with 2 trunnion pins, one on each side. Move the cart to the dumping zone. A spring-loaded trigger initiates the dumping motion. The trigger can be moved either directly on the frame or with rope-pull for remote dumping. Releasing the trigger allows the cart to overturn. The cart will rotates 360 degrees (with sufficient load weight). The empty cart returns to an upright position for return to the ground. The trunnion location on the cart is selected by the plant. This location helps determine the speed of the cart during the dumping rotation.

Each series of carts requires only one dumping frame:

  • 42 Series – 342 cart
  • 43 Series – L43, O43 & 243 carts
  • 44 Series – L44, O44, X44 & 244 carts
  • 54 Series – 254 cart
  • 56 Series – 256 cart

dumping frame rotation

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Dumping frame