Metal dumping chip cart 254

Metal dumping cart 254 or scrap cart has a high capacity. The CECOR Series 254 are for lower density and bulky loads like packaging materials, cardboard, metal or lumber scrap.  This handy cart allows you to:

  • 27 cubic foot capacity (1 cu yard)
  • 37-3/4″ lip height
  • 800 lbs capacity
  • Park cart where scrap is made.
  • Easily maneuvered by one person.

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Full Specs

Series: 254
Capacity: 27 cu ft (1 cu. yd.)
Lip Height: 37-3/4"
Load Rating: 800 lbs
Dumping Methods: Standard Dumping Options
Options (see under options)
RB - T-Cleats for use with hydraulic dumping
FB - Fork pockets for rotating for attachment
Wheels: 6" Poly - 2 rigid / 2 swivel
Color: Black (standard) - (Optional CECOR blue)
Dimensions: 48" L 36" W 30" D
Shipping Weight: 360 lbs

Metal dumping cart 254 series is a versatile metal scrap cart. Ideal for all kinds of bulky, hard-to-handle trash. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, these durable all-metal carts won’t melt, split or burn. They park at scrap source, then roll to in-plant disposal or recycling site.

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Scrap cart is designed for one-person maneuverability. Mounted on free-rolling wheels, they’re simple to push, easy to turn. Metal dumping cart 254 dumps elevated loads from fork lift or hook hoist with optional dumping frame. The Metal dumping cart 254 scrap cart has a capacity of 27 cu.ft.(1 cu. yd.) and a load rating of 800 lbs.

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Metal dumping chip cart 254