Metal dumping chip cart 256

Metal dumping cart 256 or scrap carts from CECOR are heavy-duty industrial carts. The highest capacity of the CECOR line is manufactured for the industrial environment. The 256 hopper keeps the mess out of the production area. The 256 dumping cart has:

  • 27 cubic feet capacity (1 cubic yard)
  • 40″ lip height
  • 1500 lbs capacity
  • Heavy-duty construction holds up in tough environments
  • Dump from forklift or hook hoist using CECOR patented dumping frame.
  • Other dumping options available

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Full Specs

Series: 256
Capacity: 27 cu ft or 1 cu yd
Lip Height: 40"
Load Rating: 1500 lbs
Dumping methods: DB - Rotational dumping
RB - T-Cleats for use with hydraulic dumping
WB - Both rotational and hydraulic
FB - Fork pockets for rotating for attachment
Wheels: 8" Phenolic - other sizes and styles available. Let us know what you are looking for.
Color: Black; (Optional CECOR blue)
Bin Dimensions: 48" L 36" W 30" D
Shipping Weight: 435 lbs

Metal dumping cart 256 series – For high volume chip handling.

heavy-duty metal cart

dump metal cart from forklift

Use optional dumping frame to dump cart from forklift

Build to last

Series 256 industrial hopper has full cubic yard capacity for big material handling jobs. Reinforced heavy gauge steel construction holds up to punishing treatment. Fully welded, leakproof seams will not leak, split, melt or burn. Two rigid and two swivel phenolic casters, which resist chipping, cracking, oil and chemicals. Carts speed up handling of chips, scrap and product, but also help keep production areas cleaner and safer.

Metal dumping cart 256 series has many dumping options. One method, a dumping frame, can be used for fast, safe elevated dumping from hook hoist or fork lift. Other methods involve hydraulic dumping system or a rotating forklift attachment.

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Metal dumping chip cart 256