Metal Extra Low Profile Dumping Cart L43

Metal dumping cart L43 or chip/scrap carts eliminate bending and dragging carts around.
They fit easily under machine tool discharge and other low-clearance plant equipment. Smart design minimizes footprint and saves precious floor space.

  • 4.9 cu.ft. capacity
  • 12″ lip height for low discharge
  • 1,000 lb. load rating for handling heavy loads
  • Easily maneuvered by one person.
  • Heavy-duty construction holds up in tough environments
  • Dump from forklift or hook hoist using CECOR patented dumping frame.

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Full Specs

Series: L43
Capacity: 4.9 cu ft
Lip Height: 12"
Load Rating: 1000
Dumping Methods: DB - Rotational dumping
Dumping Frame: DF-1043
Color: Standard - Black (Optional CECOR blue)
Wheels: 4" Phenolic Casters - two swivel, two rigid
Dimensions: 36" L 24 3/4" W 13" D
Shipping Weight: 160 lbs

Metal dumping cart L43 for easy-loading; low profile chip carts for extra-low clearances

L43 chip cart under low discharge

L43 fits under low discharge

The L43 Series low profile chip carts have an overall height of only 15-1/2″. Cart handle is removable to fit entire cart under low clearance machine or conveyor.  The loading lip of 12″ makes it an ideal partner for machine tools with a low discharge.  Help eliminate mess around machine tools. L43-low-profile-chip-carts

Low profile chip carts maneuver easily, even when fully loaded. Pair with CECOR dumping frame for elevated dumping from fork lift or hook hoist.

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Metal Extra Low Profile Dumping Cart L43