Metal dumping chip cart 243

Metal dumping or chip or scrap cart made of heavy-duty steel construction with fully welded seams. These carts will not leak, melt, split, bulge or burn. Dump load from forklift, hook hoist or even a hydraulic dumper. Many dumping options available.
  • 9.4 cubic feet capacity
  • 29" lip height
  • 1,500 lbs capacity
  • Small footprint saves space
  • Maneuvers easily, even when loaded
  • Multiple dumping options available

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TOTAL: $1360.00

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Full Specs

Series: 243
Capacity: 9.4 cu ft
Lip Height: 29"
Load Rating: 1500 lbs
Dumping Methods: DB - Rotational dumping
RB - T-Cleats for use with hydraulic dumping
WB - Both rotational and hydraulic
FB - Fork pockets for rotating for attachment
Wheels: 5" phenolic - other sizes and styles available. Let us know what you are looking for.
Color: Black
Bin Dimensions: 36" L 23" W 22" D
Shipping Weight: 172 lbs.

Chip bins

CECOR Chip bins save space and eliminate mess around machine tool

Metalworking plants use CECOR heavy-duty chip bins for handling metal scrap, chips, finished product and material.  Cart are durable, maneuverable and are designed and sized especially for use with machine tools. Carts not only speed up handling of chips, scrap and other product, but also help keep production areas cleaner and safer.

CECOR chip bins are built for long, hard factory service. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel with fully welded, leak-proof seams. Carts are mounted on phenolic roller bearing wheels which resist chipping, cracking, oil and chemicals.

Dump carts with CECOR dumping frame for fast, safe elevated dumping from hook hoist or forklift. Carts can also be adapted to dump with hydraulic dumping or for use with rotating fork attachment.

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Metal dumping chip cart 243

Metal dumping chip cart 243