Metal Low profile dumping cart 044

Metal low profile dumping chip or scrap cart with 9.6 cubic feet capacity. This low profile chip or scrap cart has a small foot print but can handle the weight. CECOR's heavy-duty, low profile chip cart is specially designed for use around machine tools and where space is limited. Maneuvers easily and rolls smoothly, even when fully loaded.
  • 9.6 cubic feet capacity
  • 15" lip height
  • 1,000 lbs capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Multiple dumping options available
  • Small footprint

Dumping options Other options

TOTAL: $730.00

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Full Specs

Series: 044
Capacity: 9.6 cu ft
Lip Height: 15"
Load Rating: 1000 lbs.
Dumping Methods: Standard DB and other dumping methods
Dumping Frame: DF-1044
Wheels: 5" phenolic
Color: Black
Dimensions: 42" L 28" W 15-1/2" D
Shipping Weight: 154 lbs

Dump cart from fork lift

Dump from forklift

Metalworking plants depend on CECOR heavy-duty carts for handling oily metal chips, turnings, parts in process and other dense industrial loads.  Series 044 fits directly under chips pans and discharge trays to eliminate piles of metal snarls and chips around machine tools. Mounted on phenolic, roller-bearing wheels in a rigid and swivel caster configuration, carts turn smoothly and roll easily, even where aisle space is limited.  Removable push handle inserts into sockets at both ends of cart.

Use CECOR dumping frame for fast, safe, elevated dumping from hook hoist or forklift. Frame latches securely to cart trunnions, then at dumping height a trigger release unloads cart in fast dump or slow pour. Cart relatches in upright position after rotating 360 degrees.

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Metal Low profile dumping cart 044

Metal Low profile dumping cart 044