Metal tilt truck 27 cu ft capacity

Metal Tilt Dumping Cart with 8 cubic feet capacity. This tilt dumping cart collects and haul bulky, light-density loads.
  • Rugged, all-metal construction with fully welded, leak proof seams
  • Reinforced dumping knees for floor or dock level dumping
  • Maneuvers easily and rolls smoothly, even when fully loaded

This heavy duty steel construction truck has fully welded seams that won't leak, melt, split, bulge or burn. You may want to consider one or more of the tilt dumping truck options when you order this dumping truck.

TOTAL: $770.00

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Full Specs

Series: 327
Capacity: 27 cu ft or 1 cu yd
Lip Height: 41-1/4"
Load Rating: 540 lbs
Dumping Method: Manual / tilt
Color: Black (standard), blue (optional)
Dimensions: 59-1/2" L 30" W 33-1/2" D
Wheels: 6" poly (other sizes and styles available)
Shipping Weight: 192 lbs


Reinforced dumping knees tilt truck gently

Heavy Duty Tilt trucks tough enough for the factory floor

CECOR tilt trucks are made of heavy-duty steel with reinforced dumping knees for complete, controllable emptying at floor and dock level. Tilt trucks handle cans, paper, corrugated scrap, wooden blocks, refuse and plastic scrap. Designed to do the job better than drums or boxes which load up too fast and are hard to handle when loaded.

CECOR Tilt Trucks are available with tow links that permit hauling multiple carts in a train. When not in use the link folds up under the dumping lip and is secured by a spring retainer.

Review and download Series 327 Specs

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Metal tilt truck 27 cu ft capacity

Metal tilt truck 27 cu ft capacity