Sump cleaner 3-phase electric 300 gallon

Extra Power SE50 series provides high performance sump cleaning.  Thoroughly cleans sumps, including dry chips and heavy sludge. Comes standard with the F50 – 5 cu. ft. filter for large volume chip separation. Fast two-way pumping.

  • Fast removal of coolant and solids from machine tools
  • Large capacity filter for big volume solids removal
  • Makes routine coolant maintenance fast and easy.


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Full Specs

Series: SE50
Tank Size: 300 Gal (1,136 L)
Standard Transport: TW - Tow Bar for towing (other options available)
Motor: 5 HP 3-Phase Electric Motor
Electrical requirements: Volts - 208-230/460 - Amps 14.8-14.0/7.0 - Hertz 60 - Phase 3
Suction Lift: 13" Hg (Mercury)
Standard filter basket: F50 - 5 cu.ft. filter
Overfill prevention: Automatic overfill protection all discharge ports valved
Cleanout door: 16" diameter hinged door with 2-1/2" drain port
Pressure Discharge: 6 PSI (pounds per square inch) with safety back up
Wheels: Rubber tires: (2) 16" x 4" & (1) 12" x 3" swivel casters
Shipping Dimensions: 100" x 41" x 77" H
Weight: 1,685 lbs

SE50 3-Phase Electric Sump Cleaner

CECOR’s Series SE50 is designed to be part of an effective coolant maintenance program. The SE50 removes and filters dirty coolant, chips and swarf from machine sumps in minutes. Two-way pumping allows pumping filtered coolant back to machine tool or transport to central recycling point.  Use of the SE50 extends coolant life, saves money on purchases of new coolant and cuts disposal costs. Clean coolant lasts longer and produces better parts. Tougher environmental regulations and high disposal costs makes recycling coolant cost effective.

See the SE50 clean a grinding machine.


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Sump cleaner 3-phase electric 300 gallon