Sump Cleaner Electric 60 Gallon

The SE15-60PL electric powered sump cleaners design makes it the right tool for many shops. The CEOR sump cleaners vacuums metal chips, sludge and metalworking fluid out of the sump, as well as puddles off of the floor. The SE15-60PL has a smart space-saving vertical design and can be plugged into any standard 115v single phase electric outlet. This feature makes the SE15-60PL very convenient to use in a variety of locations.

  • Easy push transport or lift with fork truck.
  • High nozzle velocity vacuums puddles off the floor.
  • “Plug-n-play” convenience. Runs on standard 115/60/1 15 amp electric.
  • High performance chip vacuum.


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SE15 Sump Shark right for your company?

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Full Specs

Series: SE15
Tank size: 60 gal (227 L)
Standard transport: PL - Push/lift
Motor: Electric vacuum motor
Electrical requirements: Volts 115-Amps 14.2-Hertz 60-Phase 1
Suction Lift: 13" Hg (Mercury)
Standard filter basket: F10 - 1 cu.ft. (optional F23 filter basket available)
Overfill prevention: Automatic overfill protection, all discharge ports are valved
Cleanout door: 8 x 10" rectangular clean-out door
Pressure discharge: 6 PSI (pounds per square inch) with safety backup valve
Wheels: Two 8" x 2" phenolic wheels One 6" x 2" swivel caster
Hose: 1-1/2" I.D. x 16' oil-resistant PVC suction/discharge hose including quick-disconnect coupler.
Tools: Three suction tools (1) straight, (1) flexible and (1) flared nozzle.
Dimensions: 40" L x 33" W x 55" H
Shipping Weight: 380 lbs

Sump cleaner electric 60 gallon helps reduce machine downtime, labor costs and mess.

Labor savings

The SE15 series 60 gallon sump cleaner is very popular due to the convenience of using standard electrical connections.  With has a suction rate of 13” Hg (177″ of water) and high CFM. The SE15 series can pick up the thickest of sludge and/or a puddle off the floor. With few moving parts, maintenance is easy. Your cost savings will come in many forms. from labor savings to increased tool life. Many customers have a ROI of less than 1 year!

Easier & Faster

Using a Sump Shark sump cleaner electric 60 gallon is much easier and faster than cleaning a sump by hand using a pail and shovel or shop vac. Doing the job faster will decrease labor costs and machine tool downtime. In addition, using your metalworking fluid longer and disposing of less will cut costs even further.

Extend metalworking fluid life

Increasing costs for the purchase and disposal of metalworking fluid have made extending the life of metalworking fluid crucial to most metalworking operations. The Sump Shark is priced to be affordable to even the smallest machine shop. The single phase electric-operated Sump Shark is easy to operate.

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Sump Cleaner Electric 60 Gallon