Sump Cleaner Electric 90-140-200 Gallon

CECOR mid size sump cleaner is available in 90, 140 & 175 gallon capacities.  SE15 mid size sump cleaner works conveniently wherever there are standard power outlets. The Sump Shark® streamlines machine sump cleaning.

  • Simple to use. Just plug in and go.
  • Small enough to be pushed by one person
  • Medium-size moves easily in tight spaces to get at tough-to-reach sumps
  • Push/Tow/Lift transport base


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SE15 Sump Shark® right for your company?

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Full Specs

Series SE15
Tank Size: 90 Gal (341 L) or
140 Gal (530 L) or
200 Gal (757 L)
Transport: PTL: Push bar & Fork pockets (a tow bar and other options also available)
Motor: Electric vacuum motor
Electrical requirements: Volts 115-Amps 14.2-Hertz 60-Phase 1
Suction Lift: 13" Hg (Mercury)
Standard filter basket: F10 - 1 cu.ft. (optional F23 filter basket available)
Overfill Prevention: Automatic overfill protection, all discharge ports are valved
Cleanout door: 8"x10" door with 1-1/4" drain port
Pressure Discharge: 6 PSI (pounds per square inch) with safety backup valve
Wheels: Two 12" x 3" Poly tires One 8" x 3" swivel caster
Hose: 1-1/2" I.D. x 16' oil-resistant PVS suction/discharge hose including quick-disconnect coupler.
Tools: Three suction tools (1) straight, (1) flexible and (1) flared nozzle
Shipping Dimensions: 90 Gal: 71" x 32" x 72"
140 Gal: 72" x 35" x 76"
200 Gal: 96" x 35" x 76"
Shipping Weight: 90 Gal: 640 lbs
140 Gal: 730 lbs
200 Gal: 920 lbs

SE15-90PTL Sump Shark

SE15-90PTL Sump Shark®

Sump cleaner electric 90, 140 or 200 gallon are your machine tools partner.

CECOR SE15 single-phase electric sump cleaners uses high suction lift (13 Hg) to pull out all the metalworking fluid, chips and swarf from machine sumps…in minutes…in one mess-free operation.  Solids remain in filter and cleaned coolant is pumped back to machine tool or transported for further processing. How does a sump cleaner work?

The SE15 Series can be conveniently plugged into any standard electric outlet for maximum flexibility.

Better Design

The SE15 durable steel tank includes an “8 x 10″ clean out door secured with ¼” wing nuts.  The clean out door is flush to the bottom of the tank for easy flush-to-bottom rinsing or raking out. There is a 1-1/4” drain port in the door for draining.

The sump cleaner electric 90, 140 or 175 gallon PTL base each include a push bar for easy maneuvering by one person and also has fork pockets for lifting. There is also an optional tow bar for transport by tug.

A Sump Shark® sure beats a pail and shovel. When sump cleaning is easier and faster, it will get done more often. With regular cleaning the build-up of impacted swarf and layers of scum will not occur. Regular cleaning will reduce the odor and risk of dermatitis, making for an overall cleaner and more productive work setting.

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Sump Cleaner Electric 90-140-200 Gallon