Three Phase Electric Sump Cleaner Dispenser 300 Gallons

The CE50 3-Phase electric unit has SE50 power and two tanks – one a sump cleaner, the other a metalworking fluid dispenser. The CE50-300/300 is the largest combination Sump Shark available in three-phase electric.

One chassis with two tools

  • Two 300 gallon tanks on a single chassis
  • One sump cleaner and one dispenser

Ready to clean and refill your sump quickly.

  • 13″ hg (177” water) suction power
  • Remove metalworking fluid, chips and swarf quickly
  • F50 Filter catches chips and swarf
  • Top off sump with fresh coolant from dispenser side


Lead Time: Estimated shipping is 5 to 7 weeks. Actual shipping date depends on the existing volume of orders when your order is received. After receiving your order we will send an acknowledgement with an expected shipping week.

Full Specs

Series: CE50
Tank size: (2) 300 Gallon Tanks (1,136 L/ea)

Standard transport: Custom base for mounting on transport
Motor: 5 HP Electric Motor Volts - 208-230/460 - Amps 14.8 - 14.0/7.0 - Hertz 60 - Phase 3
Pump: Lobe type, positive displacement air pump
Suction Lift 13" Hg (Mercury)
Standard filter: F50 - 5 cu.ft.
Overfill Protection: Automatic overfill protection, all discharge ports valved
Cleanout door: 16" diameter hinged door with 2-1/2" drain port
Pressure discharge: 6 PSI with safety backup valve
Hose: 2" I.D. x 16' oil-resistant PVS suction/discharge hose including quick-disconnect coupler.
1-1/4" I.D. x 16' with full flow shut off nozzle.
Tools: Three suction tools (1) straight, (1) flexible and (1) flared nozzle
Wheels: N/A
Dimensions: 121" L 42" W 69" H
Shipping weight: 2435 lbs

CE50 Series large twin tank is designed to work in tandem with a central metalworking fluid recycling program. The 300 gallon sump cleaner tank vacuums chips, sludge and metalworking fluid from the machine tool sump at up to 110 gallons per minute. The F50 (5 cu.ft.) filter separates solids from fluid. When you are done cleaning the sump, use the 300-gallon dispenser side to fill sump with fresh or recycled metalworking fluid. Then transport filtered metalworking fluid in sump cleaner side for further processing.

The CE50-300/300 Sump Shark is cradled in a fixed base for mounting on a trailer or other transport base. The sump cleaner side’s 5.0 cu. ft. catches chips and swarf, while the filtered fluid enters the tank. Filtered fluid can be pumped back to the sump or transported for batch recycling. The sump can be topped off with fresh metalworking fluid from the Dispenser side of the CE50. Both tanks have pump-in/pump-out capability.

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Three Phase Electric Sump Cleaner Dispenser 300 Gallons