Sump Cleaner Filter Baskets

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Sludge Trap

Sump Cleaner Filter Baskets are a sludge trap. Each is manufactured for the industrial environment and there are three sizes available:

  • F10 – 1.0 cubic foot Basket
  • F23 – 2.3 cubic foot Basket
  • F50 – 5.0 cubic foot Basket

Effective filtering is a complex process.

CECOR filter basket are manufactured with heavy duty steel and perforated metal. Filter baskets are seldom replaced but some customers do upgrade from the F10 to the F23 because of the volume of sludge created by their application.

F10 Basket

The F10 basket can usually be emptied by a single person in a matter of seconds.

F23 & F50 filter baskets

Removing the F23 or F50 filter baskets will require some sort of lifting device such as a forklift or crane. The F23 & F50 filter baskets have a fork pocket & lifting bar built in to the design.

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