Sump Cleaner Filter Media

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Remove Sludge Quickly

Sump Cleaner Filter Media is used to help filter the sludge from the metalworking (coolant) fluid. We provide 3 types of media with our 1 cubic foot filter basket.

  • Poly Filter Media
  • Fine (cotton) Filter Media
  • Coarse (burlap) Filter Media

Effective filtering is a complex process.

These are the most popular media products in our arsenal. We have other filter media that range from 10 to 800 micron absolute. The nominal micron rating is usually much lower than the absolute rating. The absolute refers to the size of the holes in the filter while the nominal rating is usually lower because of the cake that gets created as material is trapped in the media. Our goal is to catch 80 to 90% of the sludge that goes through the media. Because each companies sludge may be different, we send along all three types so you can determine which one does the best job of filtering your sludge.

If the standard media is not working with your sludge please give us a call so we can work with you to find out if one of our other media products will work better with your sludge.

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