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Sump Cleaner Gaskets help ensure top performance from your CECOR equipment. CECOR sump cleaner pumps are designed to move air, not liquid. This is how we protect the pumps from the harsh chemicals and sludge that are vacuumed and filtered by the equipment. There are one or more gaskets in each sump cleaner that will need to be checked and/or changed on a regular basis. The gaskets last differing periods of time:

  • Environment
  • Application
  • Time

We use quality gasket that have proven to work well for our equipment over the years. We recommend the gaskets should be checked on a routine basis. See your manual for the gasket locations. If you have any questions regarding your gaskets please call, email or chat with us by computer at your convenience. A few of the common sump cleaner & drum top gasket locations are:

  • Pot Lid Gasket
  • Clean-out Door Gasket
  • Drum Lid Gasket

We carry viton gaskets for those companies with harsher environments.

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