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Tools For Cleaning Sumps

Three sump cleaner tools are provided with every sump cleaner we sell. We include the following:

  1. Straight tool
  2. Flex Tool
  3. Flare tool

We understand that every shops coolant and sludge is different. We include the 3 tools to make cleaning each sump easier, a little less nasty and much FASTER. CECOR’s goals is to bring greater productivity and a happier/healthier work force to each of our customers.

Tools for cleaning a sump cleaner

A sump cleaner should be cleaned out at least once a year. It depends on the sludge in your CNC machines and number of machines you clean out. The more often you clean a sump cleaner, the less likely it will be for cross contamination of bacteria between CNC’s.

Many of our customers have asked us to produce tools for cleaning a sump cleaner. Based on their input, we have produced the rake & the hoe. The rake came from the screw industry wanting to more easily pickup stringy sludge. The hoe came from all industries wanting a better way to clean out the bottom of a sump cleaner.

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