Extra Low Profile Dumping Carts

Extra Low Profile, Small Footprint, Rugged Design

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Extra low profile dumping carts have a very low lip height. Designed to fit under machine tools with a low conveyor. They can easily go where most carts do not fit. The 12″ lip height allows the cart to fit under very low discharges, conveyors and/or tables. Smart design maximizes cube and capacity, while minimizing footprint.

Size range

  • Capacity – 4.9 to 6.9 cubic feet
  • Load – 1,000 lbs
  • Length – 36 – 42 inches

Extra low profile dumping hoppers are manufactured with heavy-duty steel and fully welded seams that do not melt, split, bulge or burn.

Dumping options

Extra low profile dumping carts can be dumped with our rotational dumping system. This process requires a single dumping frame to dump the full series of dumping carts.

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