Fluid Control

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Fluid mixing & dispensing

CECOR dispensers are mobile and can be easily moved from machine tool to machine tool to distribute premixed fluid. There are currently two options for mobile dispensers:

  1. 65 gallon air operated dispenser
  2. 110 gallon gravity dispenser

Loose the 5 gallon buckets and a machine tool operator walking across the floor to top off the coolant tank. The CECOR dispenser will allow one person to top off all of the CNC machines quickly each day. This allows your more expensive employees to concentrate on more productive tasks.

CECOR’s fluid dispensers can be equipped with an optional Smart Lid. The Smart Lid is a blue tooth enabled lid on our poly tanks that uses a built in float to stop the flow of fluid at a predetermined level. The Smart Lid also can be integrated with the CECOR WALLi, our mixing station.

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