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CA5 Series

Sump Cleaner

Air powered sump cleaner dispenser (CA5 series) uses existing plant air to vacuum chips, swarf, sludge and fluids from dirty sumps. Clean up your machine tools sumps smarter, faster & safer! It’s time to ditch the grueling pail-n-shovel process.


This air operated combination unit will also dispense new or recycled metalworking fluid back into the sump after it has been cleaned.

The Right Tool

• Filter the thickest of sludge • Air operated venturi
• High suction lift (up to 26 inches hg) • Simple to operate and maintain
• Up to 23 gpm clean tank refill speed • Pump in / pump out capability
• Collects dirty metalworking fluid • Distributes clean coolant
• Save time & money • Reduce machine tool downtime
Move fluid, chips & sludge at up to 100 gallons per minute!

Air Supply Requirements

• 3/4 inch headers • 75 to 120 PSI
• 1/2 inch drop • 56 to 80 CFM
• 3/8 inch connection to equipment
** A 1/2 inch air connection to the sump cleaner will achieve higher performance. **

Low Maintenance

The CA5 series air powered sump cleaner has no moving parts.

Safety Is Important

CECOR is the only sump cleaner manufacturer to offer a three-step system to prevent over pressurization for air units.

  1. Pressure Regulator – controls the operating pressure (6 psi) set at factory.
  2. Pressure Relief Valve – goes off at 8 psi (loud, unmufflered sound) alerting operator
  3. Rupture Disk – Shuts the unit off at 15 psi

CECOR units come with a pressure gauge. Many other sump cleaners don’t. Pressure GaugeWe believe it’s important to understand what is going on inside the tank and how your Sump Shark® is performing.


The CA5 series combination sump cleaner/dispenser comes standard with a 1.0 cubic foot filter basket (F10). There is an option for a 2.3 cubic foot filter basket (F23) available upon request. There is an optional DF4 discharge filter for all combination units if additional filtering is required for your operation.

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