SE15-DT Electric Powered

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SE15-DT is a wet vac drum top that fits onto a standard 55-gallon drum. Capable of 13 hg of mercury, this unit will suction sludge & fluid from your CNC sump or pit up to a 10′ down.

This unit has the same vacuum motor as its big brother, the single phase electric Sump Shark. The SE15-DT has a pumping rate up to 60 gallons (227 liters) per minute and strong nozzle velocity for picking up puddles on the floor.

When you purchase a SE15-DT it includes the following:

  • 15′ electrical cord
  • Suction Hose: 1-1/2” or 2″ I.D. x 16’ oil-resistant PVC suction hose including quick-disconnect coupler
  • 3 Suction tools
  • Automatic overfill protection

We recommend purchasing the optional TX-55PL Drum Tank with this unit. The TX-55PL is manufactured to withstand the suction depth of the SE15-DT.

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