PTL Sump Cleaner Series

Jan 9, 2021
PTL Sump Cleaner Series

PTL Sump Cleaner Series has more features

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CECOR Redesigns Sump Shark Product Line and Speeds Up Delivery.

CECOR responds to customer feedback to offer greater configuration flexibility and component commonality. Faster deliveries, operational versatility, simplified maintenance, and lower costs round-up improvements.

When customers spoke up saying they wanted different transport options, CECOR listened and went to work. What was at issue? At times, users wanted to push the unit short distances. In other situations, they wanted to use a forklift to tow or lift the unit to the other side of the shop.

Whereas previous Sump Sharks were set up for either pushing, towing, or lifting their new line of 90, 140 & 200-gallon sump cleaner units offers all the above transport options on the same chassis.

However, CECOR did not stop there. Customers wanted greater ease in connecting and disconnecting a pump to and from the tank. Their new design allows for six bolts and a hose to achieve this task.

But why stop there? Their new sump cleaner can use either a 1-1/2” hose or a 2” hose. The, easier to handle, 1-1/2” will be their standard size allowing for 60-70 gallons a minute suction/dispensing. However, users can easily change to the 2” hose for those jobs where they want to suction and discharge the fluid even faster. The 2” hose will allow for speeds up to 110 gallons per minute.

CECOR did not stop there: their new design allows the same air powered or single-phase electric pump to be put on the 90, 140, 200, 300, 400, 500 or 600-gallon sump cleaner.

Why Wait for the Redesigned Shark Sump Pump?
Just as their Sump Shark quickly removes and filters industrial fluids, CECOR wanted to speed up their delivery process. They reduced the time from order to delivery for their 60, 90, 140 and 200-gallon sump cleaners. CECOR President, Jeff Urso says their new shipping goal is 1 to 3 weeks based on volume of orders.

What Do These Sump Shark Improvements Mean For Customers?
“Each of these design upgrades translates to faster manufacturing times,” says Urso. “We’ll have more inventory options in our warehouse, quicker standard product configuration, and faster deliveries to our customer.”

CECOR Sump Sharks are manufactured to last in industrial environments. They have a 13” to 26” hg of power and offer nozzle velocity for sucking up puddles or dry chips off the floor.

About CECOR:

CECOR designs & manufactures Sump Shark sump cleaners, industrial dumping carts & CNC cutting fluid dispensers used by the machining industry. They also manufacture material handling carts, tilt trucks—used by a range of industries—and a full line of parts & accessories to support and enhance their products. CECOR products are designed & manufactured in Belleville, Wisconsin, where they have been serving manufactures since 1955.

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