How much air do I need to run a sump cleaner?

Jul 24, 2017


I saw a video of a Sump Shark imploding a 55-gallon drum. Very impressive, but will I have enough air to run a Sump Shark without shutting down my machines?

Most machine shops have plenty of air available, as air-operated  units are the most popular sump cleaner we sell. Air units are high performing units for a lower price. They have a near perfect vacuum of 26” Hg and yes, they can crush steel drums.

How do we achieve this suction power?  By using a larger venturi. Some manufacturers may state lower air requirements, because they use a smaller venturi.  We use a larger venturi so our units have more suction lift. Suction lift is the power that  picks up the heavy sludge at the bottom of a sump. Suction lift is limited by the size of the venturi. Giving a small venturi more air will not improve the suction lift.  A large venturi can operate with less air … it just won’t reach the potential performance that it could.

So while comparing air requirements of a sump cleaner, be sure to also compare suction lift. It is rated in inches of Hg ( Mercury) or water.

If you are running a lower capacity compressor and are putting off upgrading, you may also look at our single- and three-phase electric and propane-powered units. Call or email if you would like to discuss further.  And if you haven’t seen the video of a Sump Shark imploding a drum, here is a link.

Watch the Sump Shark implode a 55-gallon drum.

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