School Honors Apprentices

May 23, 2019

Innovative idea for our schools

Springtime means high school graduation time. All around the country, students are celebrating their achievements and finalizing decisions about the next chapter in their young lives. Henrico School District stands out because their high achievement honors include students entering the workforce. Henrico hosted a Career and Technical Education Letter-of-Intent signing day that recognizes students entering the workforce with a ceremony before family and members of the media. At the event, students and representatives of their future employers both sign letters-of-intent outlining what students must do before and during employment, what the employer will provide in pay and training, and an estimate of the position’s value. Similar to signing day for athletes, students don a hat or other form of promotional clothing representing the company, Henrico County Public Schools and the school division’s Career and Technical Education program.

CECOR believes this is an innovative way to recognize achievement and add value to the many hard-working students whose achievements often go unnoticed. We are reaching out to our local independent school districts to see if we can help recognize local talent looking to grow in the machining industry & the other trades.
In the meantime, we congratulate all of this year’s graduates and wish them well in whatever dreams they choose to pursue.

CECOR is incredibly proud of the people who, over the last 64 years, have chosen CECOR as a step in their life’s journey. We owe them each a debt of gratitude because they all had a part in making CECOR what it is today. Our past and present hard-working dedicated staff has had a steadfast commitment to always listen to our customers and to others in the metal working industry. This tradition of listening – and learning – has helped CECOR develop better products, adapt to changes in our industry, and provide valuable news and information to help our customers save time, reduce costs and keep the industrial workplace cleaner, safer and more efficient.

CECOR designs and manufactures sump cleaners, dumping carts, dispensers & portable 55 gallon drums for the machining industry.

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