SE15-DT Drum Top Sump Sucker

Dec 23, 2020
SE15-DT Drum Top Sump Sucker

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CECOR Announces Release of New Electric Powered Drum Top Sump Sucker.

SE15-DT suctions fluid and sludge from CNC sump and picks up puddles from floor.

BELLEVILLE, WISCONSIN, DECEMBER 29, 2020 – With its new electric powered drum top sump sucker, CECOR introduces a workhorse in the retrieval of non-hazardous fluids & sludge. The SE15-DT electric-powered wet vac produces 13 inches of mercury (177 inches of water) suction lift. You may pair this unit with your own heavy-duty open top 55-gallon drum or we recommend using our CECOR TX-55PL mobile drum tank. This unit can pump at a rate of 60 gallons per minute (GPM) and has an airflow of 60 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The SE15-DT wet vac includes automatic overflow protection, a 1½ x 16’ industrial vacuum hose, three suction tools (straight nozzle, flared nozzle, flexible nozzle), and a 15’ power cord.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America, this wet vac boasts “plug and play” capability allowing it to be plugged into any 115-volt wall socket.

With options for customization and competitive vacuum depths, CECOR is pleased to add this unit to its arsenal of products that gets work completed faster, smarter, and safer.
“We have increased the lift power of our single phase electric powered drum top sucker to the same level as our single-phase electric powered Sump Shark,” says Paul Elmer, CECOR designer. “This gives our customers the suction and cleaning power of our Sump Shark at a cost-effective price point.”

About CECOR:

CECOR designs & manufactures Sump Shark sump cleaners, industrial dumping carts & CNC cutting fluid dispensers used by the machining industry. They also manufacture material handling carts, tilt trucks—used by a range of industries—and a full line of parts & accessories to support and enhance their products. CECOR products are designed & manufactured in Belleville, Wisconsin, where they have been serving manufactures since 1955.

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