SE15 Now Available in 90-,140- and 175-Gallon Size

Dec 18, 2017
SE15 Now Available in 90-,140- and 175-Gallon Size

We have made a few changes to our single-phase electric Sump Shark line. Tank sizes from 90- to 175-gallons will now use the prefix SE15 (like the current SE15-60PL).

The SE15 Series uses a vacuum motor. The SE10 Series will continue to use a rotary, vane-type pump powered by an electric 1 Hp motor.  This gives the SE15 more nozzle velocity i.e. the ability to vacuum shallow puddles and metal chips off the floor. The SE15 has a slightly lower suction rate, however is still very adept at vacuuming thick sludge.
Watch the SE15 pick up sludge in this video.

We will continue to manufacture the SE10 in 300-,400-,500- and 600-gallon capacities. We will also make the SE10 in sizes 90-, 140- and 175-gallon capacities by request, however the SE15 is now the standard for 175-gallon and below.

The “Tool Caddy” is a new feature of the SE15. This bin allows the user to store and transport the suction tools with the Sump Shark.

More about the SE15 Series

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