SE15 Sump Cleaner

Feb 9, 2020
SE15 Sump Cleaner

Reduce your sump cleaning time by 75% or more.


The SE15 Series sump cleaner uses a vacuum motor that provides the following advantages:

  • Whopping 13" hg of suction power.
  • High nozzle velocity – i.e. the ability to vacuum shallow puddles and metal chips off the floor.
  • Uses in shop electricals – plugs into a 110 20 amp circuit

With tank capacities of 60, 90, 140 or 175 gallons, this tool is excellent at vacuuming metal working fluid with thick sludge quickly. Even with the power and size of the SE15, it is still portable and maneuverable in shops with smaller isles.

The CECOR Sumpsharks will save you time & money.

Review the SE15 models or call us to see how CECOR can help you clean your sumps faster, better, smarter & safer.

Take 48 seconds and see how Paul cleaned this sump. The actual time for the complete cleaning was less than 30 minutes.

The SE15 comes standard with a 1 cubic foot filter basket, 3 types of filter media & 3 tools to help you be more efficient. You can easily maneuver the sump cleaner into place and go to work.

  • Removes up to 60 gallons per minute
  • Chip/sludge trapped in the sump cleaner 1 cubic foot filter basket can be easily emptied by one person
  • No need for a forklift or other lifting device to empty the filter basket
  • Easily port metalworking fluid

We recommend using the CECOR standard 1 cubic foot filter basket to most of our customers. Because CECOR sump cleaners are so efficient, our customers clean their sumps more often at a lower cost. Cleaning schedules have made a big difference for our customers. Some machines gather sludge very quickly while other do not. When you clean out the high sludge machines with greater frequency, you decrease your labor cost and, at the same time, increase your productivity. Less sludge to suction out of the machine tool sump will increase the speed of cleaning dramatically. (CECOR does have an optional 2.3 cubic foot filter basket if you continually have an excessive amount of chips or sludge and no time to increase the frequency of your cleanings.)

Dispensing Fluid

All CECOR sump cleaners allow you to dispense filtered fluid at the same rate as they suction it. After the sump is cleaned you can choose to reuse the metalworking fluid, port the fluid to a recycling area or dump it as waste.

More Options

The 60 gallon sump cleaner has a place holder for the suction tools. For the 90, 140 & 175 gallon electric and air powered sumpcleaners we added a “Tool Caddy”. The Tool Caddy allows the user to store and transport the suction tools on-board the sump cleaner.

CECOR manufacture a full line of sump cleaners. Multiple power options, gallon capacities & suction power:

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