Sump Cleaner Performance Series Part 1

Jan 3, 2018

Sump cleaner performance begins with suction lift. Suction or vacuum lift is the power behind a sump cleaner and is required for moving sludge efficiently.  High suction lift allows you to move liquid, along with sludge, through a hose, filter and into the sump cleaner tank.

CECOR’s Sump Shark® builds suction lift through negative pressure.  Lift is measured in inches of Mercury (Hg) or inches of water.  One inch of Mercury is equal to roughly 13.5” of water through a column at 0°C.  We consider 13” of mercury to be the minimum required for good sump cleaner performance. The CECOR Sump Shark® performance will clean a machine tool sump effectively.  With 13” of mercury, you could suction a pit that is approximately 176.9131” (roughly 12-14’) below the sump cleaner. With the appropriate suction lift you can quickly clean sludge from your machine tool without clogging your hose.

The amount of suction lift required depends on a few factors:

  • Depth of the pit you are cleaning
  • Weight of the material you are moving
  • Amount of liquid mixed with the sludge.

CECOR sump cleaners can be purchased with 4 different power options.  Each power option offers a sump cleaner performance equal to, or better than, high performing suction lift.

Power Source Inches of mecury
Air 26″ Hg
Single phase electric (SE10 series) 17” Hg
Single phase electric (SE15 series) 13” Hg
3-Phase electric (SE30 series) 13” Hg
3-Phase electric (SE50 series) 13” Hg
Propane (SP series) 13” Hg

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