Sump cleaner efficiency

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Sump cleaner efficiency requires balancing 4 sump cleaner characteristics

  • Suction lift – deep vacuum
  • Air flow
  • Proper hose diameter
  • Pump In/Out quick disconnects

The Sump Shark series produces 13″ – 26″ of mercury for suction lift (deep vacuum). The power source can make the difference. Deep vacuum is the first important aspect of sump cleaning efficiency. The right vacuum allows you to suction up the fluids while filtering the solids at the same time.

You need the right balance between air flow, suction lift and the hose diameter. If the pump can deliver enough suction lift and the suction hose is sized right then you will be able to suction the fluid from your sump and filter the sludge before the fluid is completely removed. Sump cleaners work best when all of the solids are removed before the fluid is completely suctioned off.

Over the years CECOR has worked with many companies and received extensive feedback regarding the balance between suction lift, air flow pump in/out process and hose diameter. We have set each of our sump cleaners up with a hose that delivers the highest efficiency for the sump cleaners pump. Some of our units have 1-1/2″ ID hose while others have a 2″ ID hose for pumping in. When fluid is suctioned too quickly you will not have enough time to clean the sump properly before the fluid is removed. When the suction rate is to low then you waste time suctioning when all the chips have been removed.

Sump cleaner efficiency also involves a recommended process. When cleaning out a sump it is best to go deep into the sludge and start vacuuming it out. You may need to pull the hose up slightly so it can suction more fluid and then go back into the sludge. We deliver specific tools to help you do this efficiently. Our system of pump in/out quick disconnects allows you to change from suction to discharge and visa versa in under 10 seconds. The change over helps you wash down any areas that have gathered sludge outside of main sump pit. After you wash down these areas you can quickly switch back to suction and finish the sump cleaning job.

Different materials may require different filters, suction strength, hose diameter etc. The CECOR staff can help you be efficient with your sump cleaning goals. We will help you clean your sumps faster, better, safer & smarter!

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