Sump Cleaner Filters

Filter chips, swarf and fines

sump cleaner filtersAn important function of sump cleaning is the ability to remove solids from industrial fluids: coolant, metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, etc during the pump in operation. As our Sump Shark® sump cleaners suctions out fluids and solids, CECOR’s patented filter system removes the chips, swarf and other residue from the fluids.

When evaluating different manufacturers’ sump cleaners and filtering, be sure to compare apples to apples.  Effective filtering is a complex process.  Just shopping the “lowest micron filter” is not the right strategy.  Too fine of a filter in the wrong application can reduce pumping flow, and could stop flow altogether.

Most manufacturers use a nominal rating to measure a filter’s efficiency, which indicates the removal of a certain percentage of particles of a certain micron size (i.e. 60% of 25 micron particles). If percentage & particle size are not presented together then the nominal rating is meaningless.

chip filter

Chips and fines caught in filter basket

CECOR has innovated an effective filter that is based on filter pore size (absolute rating). Our filter system can actually filter particles much smaller due to the “cake”. The “cake” builds up on the filter as dirty coolant passes through the it. The “cake” makes the filter more efficient allowing it to trap even finer particles. Therefore, depending on your application, our absolute 99% efficient 500 micron bag could also be 80% efficient removing 20 micron particles, thus also being considered a nominal 20 micron filter.

Filter Design

F50 Sump Cleaner Filter

F50 Filter

CECOR’s patented reverse-taper design eliminates bridging. The filter empties completely. Solids do not become trapped in the filter. CECOR’s unique filter pack design provides a continuous filter medium. All of the fluids must pass through the filter with none escaping through slits or openings.

Other design advantages include a built-in lifting bail, a filter lid that retains the filter, and thick ½” (12.7 mm) gaskets enclosing the filter. CECOR’s filter consists of a metal assembly with a perforated basket that holds the filter bag/sleeve. The filter bags and sleeves are available in a variety of sizes, materials and weaves to suit your application.

CECOR’s filter will empty completely at dumping time. Our patented reverse-taper design eliminates bridging. Bridging is when solids get trapped in the filter so it will not empty properly. Many chips are either heavy, sharp or both. If bridging occurs there could easily be a potential hazard when you employee tries to break the bridge to get the chips to drop out of the bottom of the filter.

F10 – 1.0 cubic foot filter capacity
F23 – 2.3 cubic foot filter capacity
F50 – 5.0 cubic foot filter capacity
DF4 Discharge filter