Sump Cleaner ROI

Mar 21, 2021
Sump Cleaner ROI

Sump cleaner ROI can capture the Full Value of CNC Coolant Vacuum Systems in Your Shop

Coolant vacuum systems are often overlooked pieces of equipment. Typically referred to as sump vacuum cleaners or coolant sump vacuums, they are nonetheless key elements in the daily productivity and profitability of in-house and contract CNC machining organizations.
Proper management of CNC coolant can have a very significant impact on labor costs, operating costs including tool and coolant life, and volume of coolant purchases.
Coolant vacuum systems are used to clean out CNC machine sumps, a task that is more often considered a necessity than an opportunity. Our experience, over the last 65 years in business, has shown that these coolant sump cleaners can cut labor costs related to sump cleaning in three.
Further, using a high-quality coolant vacuum outfitted with the necessary filtering devices can allow reuse of cutting fluids for multiple machining cycles, significantly reducing the volume of cutting fluid purchases.
Another factor to consider is the cost of machine downtime related to sump cleaning. If typical time required to clean out a sump manually is 6 hours, and a sump coolant vacuum can do it in 2 hours, this results in 4 hours of billable time added to a production schedule – per machine. Without the loss of so much production time for cleaning, we have found that it takes the average company less then a year for the machine to pay for itself.
Finally it is also worthwhile to consider the reduction in MWF (Metal Working Fluids) recycling costs. Cutting these costs in two for each machine in a shop can add up to real savings in a hurry.
WHAT ARE THE TOTAL SAVINGS your CNC machining operation can expect by substituting CECOR’s sump sucker products for your manual labor?
It’s easy to figure out with CECOR’s downloadable SUMP COOLANT VACUUM CALCULATOR.
Less than 3 minutes will tell you what kind of an ROI you can expect.
Don’t wait! There is a real opportunity to IMPROVE YOUR EFFICIENCY AND PROFITABILITY.

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